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We won’t be able to see you, but we hope you can raise a glass, turn up our playlist and join in the celebrations.

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Having difficulties viewing the stream? Our top tips to try:
  • If you have another device, try that as well. Mobile devices, such as iPads, work most reliably.
  • Restart your computer and internet router.
  • Clear your web browser’s “browsing data”, including history, cookies and cache.
  • Try using a different web browser. Google Chrome is often best, Firefox and Safari are good too. Edge/Internet Explorer both work, but are sometimes less reliable. Please make sure any browser you use is fully updated.
  • If you’re using wireless/wifi, try plugging your computer into your internet router using a cable, if you can.
  • If you can’t hear anything make sure your speakers are turned on and turned up. Try listening to something else just to check.
  • If using home wifi, check briefly using mobile phone data.
  • Some ISP’s (BT and Sky for example), have locks and protections (BT’s Web Protect/Sky Broadband Shield) that can prevent viewing due to the location or nature of the stream. Try temporarily disabling them and trying again.
Our VOD system is designed to be as reliable as possible and works across a wide range of devices. However, playback relies on a lot of things outside of our control. Although we’ll always do our best to support the stream provision, we cannot accept liability if this service is unavailable on your device. Casting to a TV from your android device? Click here
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